#3 - November 13, 2018

Marketing to the stage your potential customer is in makes sense. A SEO strategy that does the same, makes more sense.
Your potential customer doesn’t randomly wake up early in the morning and get online to purchase the bellybutton swizzle stick that you’ve invented and are selling like hotcakes! I’m not going to say it’s impossible, but let’s be real - it’s not happening every day in America. Do you want to know what time of day your potential customer may be online searching for that swizzle stick? When they realize they need to get into that bellybutton and swizzle the stick out of it!!!! In other words, when they realize they have a need for your magic swizzler!! And not a minute before. You see, this is the first moment in a “potential’s” buying process, the first stage we’ll call it. And there are a few stages that follow before you will have that moola in the bank or hand!

If you have been in business for yourself for some time now, or even if you're new to entrepreneurship, you’ve likely heard of the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO. (If not, book some time to speak with me about it, free of charge.) We’ve come to mostly understand SEO as putting Key Search Words or ‘Keywords’ into our website copy or written content. The words that folks use when looking for something. In this case it may be, “how do I get the stuff out of my bellybutton’... you get my point. So the suggestion is we make sure one or all of those words are used, naturally in our written content of our website.

SEO is necessary and oh, so important if you want a potential customer to come anywhere near your side of the street to find your goods and services that they need to give you money for. Notice, I didn’t say Keywords are necessary? They are valuable indeed, but SEO is sooo much more when you go beyond just what words you use in the written copy on your website. There is sooo much more to take into account beyond what words your potential customer is about to type into that empty URL. Let’s take a look at some aditional things to consider about our potential, in order to understand how we could pack a greater punch to our SEO, shall we?

We must absolutely be paying attention to when and where our potentials are hanging out in the roughly 6-8 stage buying process. Not just for the opportunity to take their money or show them our goods, but to also be speaking to them the language they are ready to hear. To answer the concerns or questions they may have. I can’t talk to you about filling out my credit card field when you have no idea there is even an item that can swizzle the hell out of your belly button, now can I??? I must wait until you have held my hand for a few more steps before you trust that giving up your chunk o’ change is going to provide you and your bellybutton the relief, or clean it, or whatever it is you are hoping for. A good marketing strategy will consider this and all stages. But so will a good SEO strategy.

Below, I lay out the 6-9 stages (give or take a few, depending on the potential consumer and their gullibility, impulsivity, and trust levels) of a typical potential customer’s buying path. And over the next few series of articles/blogs I write, you will walk with me through each of these stages - with a focus in mind: If you’re going to spend the time creating digital paths back to your business, it makes the most sense to utilize every tool and opportunity to optimize your efforts, so that when a Search Engine is sent out to gather candidates, your business potentially shows up on the search ranking list - consistently.

  1. Your “Potential” is made aware that they have a problem needing a resolve, a pain needing a salve, you get it.
  2. They begin searching to educate themselves on ‘How to fix xyz near me’. They may be reading up on the actual ‘how to’ of the fixer items or services, trying to understand how it would work for them.
  3. They are now aware of the possibility for a solution., whereas in stage one, they had no clue there was a resolve available. Although they are still not ready to purchase, they are now making comparisons - performing their due diligence. Product against product, company against company. This may include checking to see what other previous purchasers have thought of their list of options they created.
  4. Some are now willing to try out one or two of the various competitor’s products that maybe are cheaper and not exactly what they need for the original problem, but the product or service could be useful otherwise. Consider this their ‘test drive’.
  5. Your potential has found the company they’d like to work with (YOU!) and has developed some trust. They’ve seen others’ satisfaction and liked the small, simple product they did buy. So they take the leap and purchase the ‘fixer’ product.
  6. If satisfied thusfar, your new client is willing to sing your praises. Give testimonials. Offer a review or two online. Send you a ‘Boy am I glad I made the purchase’ email.
  7. Ready to try out other offerings you may have that they hadn’t previously realized they needed.

In the coming series of articles on the topic of SEO and your potential customer’s buying path, I am going to show you a game plan to implement and take action on, with the goal of increasing your odds of showing up in a search ranking list when your potentials search for what they need. Specifically, I want to make sure you are including and utilizing valuable SEO strategies, related to the specific stage of the buying process when you set up your marketing and content campaigns. I want to show you tactics to use for when you optimize your online presence. When you create that social media graphic and the short blurb to go with it.When you choose images to go with blogs. I will share ideas, videos, and tools that can make your process easier, more targeted and closer to what the search engine is going to send back to your potential customer when they type in what they are looking for - depending on the stage of buying they are at! It’ll be good and valuable content so I suggest you get on board with the rest of the gang who will be receiving email announcements when the additional articles trickle out.

I am here to help take the fear out of SEO, and actually make it interesting and dare I say, fun? But most importantly, I am here to support you as an entrepreneur. To make you feel confident you are on the right path. I want my support to affect your life contentment along with your bottom line - profits. So you can rest assured that each article will also be actionable.