Six Changes. Image improved. Less than 2 months. Easy Peasy!

I may not be the one you want to be telling you how to put two or a few pieces of clothing together to make a great outfit (trust me, I am NOT), but I can tell you with the most critical eye, how you are going to appear to the world when they look at your business online. I am after all, an Image Consultant!! But ONLY for businesses online. Ask my kids, I have no clue how to dress for a certain ‘look’. I am however, pretty critical of how businesses present themselves to the world, both from my own perspective and by the research on such matters, that I am constantly scouring for...online.

Ok, I am going to make this quick and possibly painless. Are you sitting down? Taking notes? Have your own business website open? GREAT, let’s get crackin:

#1 - Get more images, and more images, and more images! Both of yourself and staff, doing what you do as well as pictures without people, but still depicting the business you have and the goods and services you offer. Let’s say you’re a landscaper, get some pictures of your staff mowing away AND pictures of some actual yards you have made beautimous! (There will be a future blog about why this is important. For now, let’s just admit we all preferred the picture books over ‘chapter’ books and we haven’t outgrown that.)

#2 - Begin asking for reviews, star-ratings, and testimonials that will not only go onto your website, but also spread onto your social media platforms as well as sites that are solely intended for rating a business. Think Yelp, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Zillow, etc, depending on the line of work you are in. And then there’s Google...

#3 - Update that damn website! I don’t care how much it costs and how much you want to kick and scream, it tells people a story: You’re lazy and/or don’t care or that you’re not much for making improvements, same same works fine for you. Does your customer REALLY want same, same with the fast pace the world is shifting and changing at? Nope, didn’t think so!

#4 - HAVE A WEBSITE SPELLING AND GRAMMAR AUDIT DONE!!!! If I had a nickel for every mIspelled word that wasn’t caught, corrected and polished to shine like a looking glass, I would be able to stop writing these blogs! And maybe stop remodeling websites. And perhaps even stop posting for you on social media. But I doubt I would stop, cuz I am in love with this work! BUT seriously, do you not know how to spell, or do you type fast and miss that a word was autocorrected inappropriatley? THIS SHIT MATTERS (to me, and to every other word and grammer nerd out there! And there’s a bunch of us!!) And as unfair as it may seem, I...er I mean some people will pass over you like the red-headed stepchild you are, and hand my...I mean there money over to your competitor! Come to think of it, I do believe I am going to create/find a way to get paid to find all of the misspelled words, inappropriately structured sentences and bad use of grammar on their and your websites! (Yes, I did just re-use those four words, only I spelled them correctly this time! Good eye!)

#5 - Engage! And I don’t mean get on your knees with a proposal. But if you do engage with your current and potential clients, my crystal ball tells me there will be MORE proposals in your future! Although we have gone into tech mode with our interactions amongst one another, we still need to ‘know, like and trust’ the folks we are willing to hand our money over to. We do this by interacting with them. In the online version of a social world...we make friends and find new businesses to grace with our hard-earned moola! Go be out there! Have conversations on your social media. Ask questions. Take polls. Create community events. Tell stories. Ask to hear stories. Trust me, they will trust you if you do, making it easy for them to pay you for being so awesome.

#6 - BE REAL!!!!!!!! Phony has a strong stench that most can smell a mile away! Don’t be stenchy! At the end of the day, we are all ‘just gettin through the life’ as my cousin always reminds me. And we want to do it with authenticity and with fellow planet-dwellers that are being real with us. EVEN in business! Be. Real. Always.

Ok, easy peasy...go implement as many of these as you can. Try doing one per week, and in less than two months your business will take center stage. If you get stuck or have any questions, reach out to us at Elements & Essence here. If you know someone who has a shitty image online (especially the bad spelling or grammar….grrrrrr), please I BEG YOU, do not hesitate to share this lovely list with them. Share my contact info with them.Hook them up! Share EVERYTHING I do with them. I am here to change the world. One business image at a time.

Shine on that essence my friend, and forge through those elements!!